Portfolio Management Services

What is the Portfolio Management Service?

It is a fee-based service directed by Robert T. Mann, President of First Georgetown Securities, Inc.  Mr. Mann seeks to outperform market averages for growth, income, or a combination of objectives. The management fee is less than most other money managers.  For clients using the service, we offer Trust, Estate Planning, and Tax Advisory and Preparation services at substantially discounted rates.*

*These services are provided through third parties in the Washington, D.C. area.  

Why Use a Fee Based Money Manager?

Perhaps you are too busy.  Perhaps you are not comfortable with making your own investment decisions, or not comfortable with risk.  In today’s volatile markets, it is important to have someone watching your portfolio on a daily basis.  The manager has a stake in making your money grow.  He makes more money only when your money grows, not by trading your account.

Investment Philosophy

I am comfortable managing growth, growth & income, and income portfolios.  I do not like to lose money.  Therefore I rarely buy the “hot stock” or those stocks with unusually high valuations (high price/earnings ratios).  For growth investors, I look for solid companies that are temporarily out of favor for non-recurring reasons – a contrarian’s approach.  When the cocktail party crowd is touting a red-hot stock, I may have already begun to sell it.   I may use option hedging strategies to boost income and/or manage risk.  I occasionally use short-selling when appropriate.  I rely on both technical (charting) and fundamental analysis in stock selection.  I use the Standard & Poors 500 stock index as a benchmark to gauge performance for a growth portfolio.

Because of my additional experience in fixed income investments (bonds), I am familiar with the varying levels of risk and credit equality.  A typical income portfolio of mine would include: Treasury & Corporate bonds, common & preferred stocks, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), no load Mutual Funds, and cash.  I use the 10 year Treasury note annual return as a benchmark for income portfolios.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact me at (703) 519-7700, (800) 424-2993, or invest@firstgeorgetown.com.  I will send you a descriptive brochure and/or set up an in-person or telephone meeting to discuss your financial situation, goals, risk tolerance, and answer any questions.  Subsequent to the meeting, I will prepare a general strategy for your comment and approval. If you are an existing First Georgetown customer, no new accounts need to be established.

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